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    The illustration is one of the finest ways of graphical representation. It is used to express ideas through visual aids. Well, I have this knowledge about illustration even after being a writer. I am a writer by profession. The writing was one of the passions that I had while I was a child and I carried it through by adulthood converting this passion into the profession. I think this was one of the best decision that I took in my life. However, once I was in this field I realized that not only writing skills might get me to become the best writer. To make my book have some great response I had to get some illustrations into it. This was what I realized after being in the field for a while. Currently, I am working on a children book and thus for the same purpose, I am exploring children book illustrator rates. I want to know what is the minimum rate or where can I find something that is affordable. Moreover, I want the quality to be amazing so please comment on the rates that would get me to good quality of illustrations.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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