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    I’m looking for insight, best practices for managing Facebook Pages, multiple campus locations, etc. 

    We currently have one Facebook Page with our main campus address. 
    I manually adjust the location of events when they occur at our secondary campus location.
    The College is now expanding and offering classes in two other locations, events are not happening at these locations currently, but it would be nice to represent our presence across the mid-Michigan region on our Facebook Page. 

    Does anyone have experience with Facebook Locations (Main Brand Page with Children Pages for Locations)?
    Is porting all reviews, check-ins, etc. advisable?
    Is managing the pages using this structure effective?
    Can you create events on the Main Brand Page and choose the location?
    I’ve tried to research this, but haven’t been able to locate clear answer. 

    Any and all insights regarding the Facebook Locations Page structure and functionality would be much appreciated. 

    Meghan Keen
    Director of Marketing & PR
    Mid Michigan College

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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