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    Good Morning!

    Our College is evaluating organizational structures and budget allocation best practices to ensure resources are used wisely. 
    Our team is lead by an Associate Vice President who reports directly to the College’s President. 
    The team consists of the AVP, a Director of Marketing & PR, a full-time graphic designer/web content manager, and a part-time graphic designer. 
    The office handles all advertising, marketing, PR, crisis communications, design, website content maintenance, social media, publications, etc.

    We’d be interested to hear the following regarding how your strategic communications/marketing/PR team(s) are organized. 
    What is your reporting structure?
    What is the size of your team?
    What are the roles of the individuals on your team?
    Approximately what budget amounts are allocated to the main functions of your team?
    PR Efforts
    and any others you break out as large budget categories

    We really appreciate any and all feedback we receive as we strive to be an agile, effective team for the College. 

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